It seems like only yesterday when Niki Astley and Georgia Radenschi scooted in to our Frederick Street kitchen – but after many happy months at the helm Salt & Earth are moving on to pastures new.

With Salt & Earth it has always been about the taste. From rolled beef brisket with wasabi and beef rump cap with fennel crumble, to the wonders of mouthwatering sexy fried chicken, this bunch have delivered for the tastebuds of Birmingham. So we think it’s only right that in their final month Salt & Earth have decided to deliver a valedictory lap showcasing the best small plates served over the last six months, and a few extra surprises.

Think Korean chicken wings, Japanese ceviche, truffle granola – basically all the good stuff.

The menu kicks off from 4th March. Put a date in the diary, you really do only have one month to taste it, because like Elvis himself Salt & Earth will have left the building by April. Before that emotional day make sure you give them a follow on Twitter and Instagram to keep track of their next steps.

Salt & Earth will be serving up their valedictory menu lunchtimes and evenings Monday-Saturday from 4th March until the end of the month.