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The History of 1000 Trades

Our name references Birmingham’s history as ‘City of a Thousand Trades’, the UK’s workshop full of small, highly-skilled firms producing a huge range of products. If you wanted to get something made, Birmingham was where you went to get it done.

A journey through time

Sam and John sitting outside of 1000 Trades

Back in 1870, two jewellers, Thomas Godfrey and Andrew Cotterell set up shop here. Before long, they were joined by an Australian silverware craftsman, Samuel Mordecai Levi. He stayed here for 20 years, selling wares like candle sticks, match cases, and photo frames before moving over to Vyse Street.

Working under the same roof during this time was Herbert Samuel Willis, a man who was listed as an "Australian agent," working as the middleman between jewellers and local firms. Herbert was also known as a "local failure," living above his means until 1908, when he appeared in front of the Birmingham Bankruptcy Court with debts of £2,781.

From the 1920s, larger companies made 16 Frederick Street their home, including S. Blanckensee & Sons - expert goldsmiths, silversmiths, and diamond mounters.

Another such company was R.E.V Gomm, who worked here from the 1970s to 1998, designing enamel badges for brands, schools, societies, football clubs, and transport enthusiasts.

Various cafes, restaurants, and dodgy late-night hang-outs. All we know for sure is… it wasn't us.

1000 Trades opens its doors for the first time.

Today, the Jewellery Quarter continues to play an important part in the design, manufacture, and retail of jewellery, medals, and trophies, with many family-run businesses continuing to thrive.

Even now, you'll find Fattorini Ltd just a few doors away at the corner of Frederick Street and Regent Street, renowned for crafting the 1911 FA Cup and many of the badges you'll find displayed on our wall.

The area is also an increasingly vibrant place to live, work, and visit, with plentiful bars and eateries complementing its role as an international centre for jewellery.

Where do we fit in?
We like to think of ourselves as a pub at the centre of Birmingham's many communities, with our private function room playing host to meetups, neighbourhood events, live music, comedy shows, open mic nights, and even a chilled coworking space throughout the day.

Even with all these modern pursuits, you'll find many nods to the past...

Our badge wall is inspired by our building’s former life as a badge factory. Bring in a quality, enamel brooch-back badge and swap us for a shiny, new 1000 Trades badge.

Two customers sat outside of 1000 trades on benches

Crafting quality

At its heart, 1000 Trades is a space for the community. As comfortable pouring a craft ale as we are being in the space for private events and celebrations.

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What's On at 1000 Trades

Tuesday 14th May

6:30 PM


Birmingham Entrepreneurs Meetup

Monthly opportunity to meet fellow entrepreneurs at different stages of business

Wednesday 15th May

7:30 PM


Birmingham Improv Presents: Midlands Improv Night

Birmingham Improv brings you all the best improv from the Midlands!

Friday 17th May

8:00 PM


1000 Trades Presents: Bootes The Herdsman

The ever-so affable Bootes presents his huge and diverse record collection

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