Thomas Parry is an illustrator based on-board The Menace, a narrow boat in the Jewellery Quarter.  With a keen interest in our waterways, architecture and especially the development of Birmingham, his first project entitled CityScape, highlights the rich culture, deep rooted industrial history and optimistic future the architecture represents.

Thomas will be in residence at 1000 Trades throughout the Saturday and Sunday of the Jewellery Quarter Festival – 23 and 24 July. His work is currently on display at 1000 Trades – including those seen in the pictures below.

Thomas says:

“In this fast paced world, with our faces fixed in front of digital screens, it is hard to see how the world around us is changing.  Before we know it our favourite landmarks will be demolished, or our grand canals flowing with wildlife could be built over.  While we have this beauty around us, lets appreciate and cherish it.”

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