Small is Powerful, the new book by Adam Lent, argues that there is a small revolution underway, which should be embraced. A world where power and resources are shared out much more widely will deliver a fairer, stabler, wealthier world.

At 1000 Trades, we celebrate craft and treasure our independence, this might make us part of the small revolution. This revolution certainly sounds intriguing. To further reflect upon it, we’ve invited Adam – European Director for Research and Innovation at Ashoka and a former Director of the Action and Research Centre at the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) – to discuss it.

Big culture, big business, and big politics are over, argues Adam. They are resisting the small revolution but Adam wants ‘smallists’ everywhere to stand up and be counted.

Are we already ‘smallists’ in the Jewellery Quarter and elsewhere in Birmingham? How might we better fulfill our roles in the small revolution? Is there really such a revolution? Or will the Empire – big culture, big business, and big politics – strike back? Perhaps it is less a case of striking back and more one of never really going away?

1000 Trades is pleased to be facilitating a debate on these and other questions raised by Adam’s book. You can read more about the book here and buy it here or here.

This will be an opportunity to reflect upon the future of business, culture and politics, both in Birmingham and more widely. We look forward to welcoming as many interested participants as possible from across the city and beyond.

At this event, Adam will present the argument of his book. We will have responses to this argument from the following speakers:

Paul Owens: Managing Director of BOP Consulting

Helga Henry: Director of Organisational Development at Birmingham Hippodrome

Jay Blades: Social Entrepreneur (founder of Jay & Co and Out of the Dark) and “one of the UK’s coolest furniture designers” (Money for Nothing, BBC One), soon to appear on Fill Your House For Free with Gok Wan

Tina Francis: Tapestry and mixed media artist – Founder of JQ Open Studios

We will add one or two more respondents as we get closer to the date of the event.

There will be plenty of time both for discussion from the floor and networking.

We invite you to join us from 5.30pm on 8 September – with the debate itself beginning at 6pm and closing at 7pm.

Reserve your free place at this Eventbite.

This is a picture of Adam. Wouldn’t be fun to debate this man?Adam Lent 2