We don’t do pub quizzes. But if we did, one question might be: where does the word taco actually come from?

Short of digging out an old Encyclopaedia Brittanica (come on, it’s 2019) we headed straight to the next best reliable source of information, Wikipedia, where there are two possible explanations. The first, that the taco derives from the Nahuatl word ‘tlahco’, meaning ‘half’ or ‘in the middle’ seems legit. But we definitely prefer the second: that taco derives from its other meaning as ‘plug’, a word employed among Mexican silver miners, who used explosive plug consisting of a paper wrapper and gunpowder filling. Muy cool.

Class is over, but can you see where we’re heading with this month’s theme?

Our menu for summer is a tribute to the Mexican delicacy that is the taco. Ours are hand pressed and filled with the best things you can fold into an oblong tortilla this side of B1. The name? Sabroso Loco, which translates roughly to Crazy Tasty. Because you’d be mad to miss them, geddit?

Choose from vegan black bean with sliced avocado mango and pickle, to goat with a papaya slaw, and the classic pork carnitas with jalapeños and roasted corn. There’s plenty of sides and nibbles to pass around, too. Try the knockout locked ‘n’ loaded chips, or if you’re feeling a little ambitious take a bite out of our oxtail marmalade on toast.

All dishes lovingly prepared by our incredible chef-in-residence Andrew Gabler – the Mexican silver miners were unavailable.