We need to take the heat out of politics. Fortunately 1000 Trades is hosting a programme of talks that aim to do just that.

It’s a mess, right? We agree. That’s why we’re organising a series of decidedly un-stuffy events with speakers who have something more than a soundbite to say.

We held our first event in March with the author, commentator and broadcaster Steve Richards, host of the hugely popular Rock n Roll Politics podcast. It was great fun, but also refreshing.

Our next guest, on 23 May, is Rafael Behr, senior columnist at the Guardian who’s thoughtful and illuminating pieces have won him widespread praise. Find out more and snap up the last few tickets.

Also in the pipeline we have:

  • Tuesday 24 July - Nick Timothy and Seb Payne Director of the thinktank Onward and ex FT Whitehall editor, Seb Payne is joined by Telegraph columnist and former No.10 Chief of Staff Nick Timothy in conversation for an evening of reflection and open-minded discussion about the state of the UK and centre right of British politics. What have the last few years taught us? Can the Conservative Party reinvent itself in a post-Brexit world?    
  • Thursday 5 October – Jess Phillips and Richard Parker Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley, she was elected  2015, and has been a fearless champion of the underrepresented and marginalised in society before and since. How can Labour win the next election? What should be top of the 'shopping list'? Jess will be in conversation with Labour mayoral hopeful Richard Parker.

Tickets for both of these will be available via the 1000 Trades website soon. More immediately, Rafael will be signing copies of his new book Politics: A Survivor’s Guide. With its central theme of ‘staying engaged without being enraged’ Behr is candid about what is at stake:

 “It is an essential task, because the repulsion of an engaged audience – the inducement of hopelessness and doubt that Britain will be governed better – gives succour to those who would make politics worse.”

We couldn’t agree more. Join us at this and future events for a warm and convivial atmosphere – it’s much cheaper than therapy.