String up the Union Jack bunting, roll up your sleeves, and stock up on all essential medications – October’s menu is all about celebrating the best of British cuisine.

In preparation for old Blighty planting its weathered flag on the international stage this month, we’re putting on the mother of all menus to take back control of your tastebuds. Alright, enough with the laboured metaphors, but this menu really does taste GREAT (Britain). Sorry.

Dig For Victory is the latest creation from chef-in-residence Andrew Gabler, mixing the classics of the Great British menu with a modern, creative touch. Think the classic bangers and mash, with a buttery mash dressed with a thyme and onion jam, or the staple Trader Fish & Chips, deliciously coated in an SCB calypso beer batter and served alongside a coriander and mint pea puree.

Forget tea time at grans, this menu is about challenging the perception of oft-maligned British cuisine.

But it’s not all Hotpots and Shepherd’s Pie (although a hearty helping of both is recommended) our bar bites menu is filled with small dishes to satisfy the hunger pangs. Take a bite of our crispy white bait, munch on our posh Mushroom on Toast, and savour our Free range Scotch Egg. For a light snack or the starter to a proper feast? That’s your choice.

As always veggie options and please-can-I-make-that-two puddings are available. Wash it all down with a pint of our finest, and forget about the enveloping national crisis.

Next month: Rations.

Dig For Victory is at 1000 Trades Monday to Saturday from 7 October to 16 November, serving all day.