Drink. It’s kind of what we do here at 1000 Trades. Our pumps are a paradisian anthology of the best stouts, bitters and IPAs you can find in the JQ, and we’re damn proud of it.

But glance beyond the pint pourers and you’ll find another string to our beverage bow: wine.

In 2019 we’ve turned our wine game up to eleven – no, really – we’ve partnered with suppliers Wine Freedom to give our patrons eleven unique tastes from the vine. There’s no airs and graces here, everything arrives by carafe or glass straight from the taps behind the bar. Why? Because we’ve never been strict traditionalists and what matters most to us is the taste.

Take a peek at part one of our cellar cheat sheet and then swing by for a glass.

2016 Friulano, Vini Stocco, Friuli

Friulano has had a bit of a complicated history name-wise but it’s a relative of Sauvignon Blanc – it produces wines that are fatter, with more body and less herbaceous aromatics than Sauvignon Blanc. The grape is indigenous to the Friuli area, North East Italy, and makes some of the areas most prized wines. Hints of lemon, white flowers and almonds.

2017 Estive Blanc, Mas des Cabres, Cévennes

The vineyards for this wine are in between Nimes and Montpellier on the edge of the Cévennes National Park, one of the most stunning areas of France. The winemakers employ lutte rainsonée (sustainable farming) only using agro-chemicals when absolutely necessary and making minimal interventions in the winemaking process. Cabres is the Occitan word for the goats that were bred in this area in the 18th century. Dry, aromatic white wine – lemon and pear.

2016 Verdejo Bernado Farina, Castilla Y Leon

This winery was founded in 1942 in Castilla y Leon – north west of Madrid close to the Portuguese border. Wine has been produced in Toro since 1st century, with the Romans and Christopher Columbus counted as fans of the local produce. The town provides some of the most extreme climactic wine growing conditions in the world – from -8 to +40 with little rainfall. Verdejo is almost exclusively grown in Spain and is an interesting change to Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc and other lighter whites.