Drink. It’s kind of what we do here at 1000 Trades. Our pumps are a paradisian anthology of the best stouts, bitters and IPAs you can find in the JQ, and we’re damn proud of it.

But glance beyond the pint pourers and you’ll find another string to our beverage bow: wine.

In 2019 we’ve turned our wine game up to eleven – no, really – we’ve partnered with suppliers Wine Freedom to give our patrons eleven unique tastes from the vine. There’s no airs and graces here, everything arrives by carafe or glass straight from the taps behind the bar. Why? Because we’ve never been strict traditionalists and what matters most to us is the taste.

Take a peek at part three of our cellar cheat sheet and then swing by for a glass.

2016 Cabernet/Sangiovese, Cosimo Maria Masini, Tuscany

Francesco farms 16 hectares of vines, as well as wheat, fruit, olives and woodland, on a Tuscan hill near the town of San Miniato. He is very detailed and careful in his approach, true to his philosophy of making the most energising wines without any chemicals or additives. The whole farm is managed biodynamically, and the calcerous soils yield wines that are structured and fresh with nice acidity.

2016 Bobal, Viticultores de San Juan Bautista, Utiel Requena

This project started in 2008 with the renting of the old San Juan Co-operative with the aim of giving Bobal its clearest expression. The vineyard is in the tiny village of San Juan 80 kilometres from the sea, inland from Valencia. All of the fermentation process takes place in concrete. Intense fruit notes of strawberry and cherry, with violet florals.

2016 Refosco, Tenuta Aurea (Vini Stocco), Friuli

‘Refoschi’ is an ancient group of closely-related dark-skinned grape varieties with Refosco as it’s primary star. Their origins – which pre-date modern day political borders – include northern Italy’s Friuli (where this example comes from) Slovenia and Croatia.