The last days of summer were marked in traditional style with Deep Tempo Disco. Autumn formally began on 12 September with the return of our roasts. Quality and variety distinguish our taps as well as our kitchen.

In these senses, normality is returning. But we’ve all lived through so much since we enjoyed the Observer Food Monthly Awards in 2019 with Clean Kilo that we have lost track of what normal is.

These remain challenging times, including for Clean Kilo, which we dearly hope has a future on Gibb Street. New beginnings depend, as the Kae Tempest song says, on everyone seeing that the old ways need to end. Clean Kilo has opened Birmingham’s eyes.

Well done to Clean Kilo for all that they have achieved – and congratulations to Jeanette and Tom on their recent marriage!

Much bigger companies than Clean Kilo and 1000 Trades have struggled recently. No milkshakes in McDonalds. No chicken in KFC. No John Lewis in Grand Central.

Businesses large and small must try to rise to Covid-19’s challenges. Apologies for being closed on Bank Holiday Monday. Hiring staff has become harder lately.

We are recruiting a Full Time Supervisor. We are building back better in other ways. With support from Arts Council England, a new stage is on our first floor – which is again being graced by Birmingham Jazz and Kamikaze, as well as a new live music night on 7 October.

The floor above has turned Japanese. Ikigai have a talent for cocktails to back up the hutzpah of opening in the face of Covid-19. Ikigai, we learn from their website, is a person’s reason for being.

Many have had cause to re-evaluate this over the past 18 months. If you want places like 1000 Trades, Ikigai and Clean Kilo to remain part of your being, now is the time to get behind us.

Carry on up the autumn. We’ll light the fire to let you know when winter is upon us.