From the bustling souks of the Middle East to the quiet sun spots along the Greek coast, via North Africa and the Balkans – destination: Jewellery Quarter.

In August we’re getting very mezze, with a menu inspired by the multi-course long lunches and dinners known across the globe. Mezze Quarter comes from the mind of Andrew Gabler, our chef-in-residence who has made our little slice of the JQ home.

We’ve dreamed up our own menu of tasty small plates for those deep into the shared food experience. Always have an eye on your neighbours dish? No stress, this one’s for the generous spirits who break (flat) bread over collective consumption.

Through August we’re serving up the classic veggie falafel, a juicy flat grilled beef kofta and a delicious slow cooked lamb doner. You want shawarma? We’ve got shawarma for days. Ours is chicken, with flatbread, pomegranate slaw and feta.

Our nibbles menu is full of the shareable good stuff. Savour the mouth-watering sweet potato hummus, with fiery nduja optional, then take a bite out of the perfectly-formed lemon and parsley anchovies. While you’re there, pass the piquillo pimiento peppers… Try saying that after a pint of Blackheath Stout.

Finish up with a sweet honey and pistachio Qatayef – and yes, you can keep this one all to yourself.

Mezze Quarter is at 1000 Trades runs Monday-Saturday serving all day. See the ‘Merchant’s Selection’ menu here and small plates here