A proposal submitted by developer Seven Capital for 23 residential units in the former office block Albion Court, next door to 1000 Trades on Frederick Street, is prompting concerns as to its appropriateness for the area. 1000 Trades has discussed these points with the JQDT, the body charged with promoting the sustainable development of the area for all those who live, work and visit. A number of areas of concern have been identified for which the development as proposed could have an adverse effect on the area.

As a responsible licensed premises, 1000 Tradcropped-logo_sm512.jpges strives to be a community asset which enhances the area for everyone. With Frederick Street being predominantly non-residential, there is concern that such a high concentration of residential units in close proximity to other bars and restaurants could cause problems down the line without adequate safeguards being put in place.

In particular, it has been identified that the provisions for sound insulation to the proposed development are likely to be inadequate, not least because the sound test used as the basis to determine what they should be was conducted during mid-week, when levels are likely to be lower than at weekends.

The proposals also offer only very minimal provision for parking – with just three spaces for all 23 flats. Whilst the JQ’s location means that many residents of the area do not need to use a car, it is very unlikely that all of the potential residents of the proposed development will not need of a car. The additional on-street parking that this will entail will put further pressure on the parking permit scheme, thus risking disruption and inconvenience to nearby residents and businesses.

Overall it is felt that the high-density, poor quality nature of what is proposed goes against the spirit of the neighbourhood plan being developed by the JQ Neighbourhood Forum.

Do you agree? If you would like to submit comments on the proposals please head to the Birmingham planning portal and search for application no. 2017/08622/PA. The deadline for comments is Wednesday 25 October.