A taste of Italy: July’s kitchen residents at 1000 Trades 

Case_di_Carlo_002 Case_di_Carlo_001

As regulars will know, 1000 Trades operates a kitchen residency. Each month we get new chefs and a new menu. And this month sees the arrival of Casa di Carlo.

Casa di Carlo, a team of chefs who earned their spurs in fine dining have gone it alone to create this Italian small plates pop up. Under head chef Charlie Leggett (formerly of AdamsThe Wilderness and El Borracho de Oro) the Italian small plates menu is everything we aspire to for our customers at ‘The Trades’.

Asked what guests to 1000 Trades should expect from the Casa di Carlo menu, as he was preparing for service during the first week of the residency, head chef Charlie Leggett said:

“The guys in the kitchen come from fine dining backgrounds, we’re all really passionate about good food… passionate about fresh ingredients and the best ingredients that we can get our hands on… and once we’ve got them… passionate about making the best food that we can with what we’ve sourced.”

“We’re working with long-established suppliers, a Mediterranean sourcing company to get the best products that are shipped over here, including some great meats and cheeses from Italy.”

Take a look at the menu to see for yourselves here.