June is about to get infinitely better for foodies of Brum. Niki Astley and Georgiana Radenschi, the culinary coupling behind Salt & Earth, return to our kitchen spot after their wildly successful residency in February.

Things have changed a bit since then. They left Birmingham caked in snow and returned to costa-del-Brum. The menu’s changed too, with a brand new selection of mouthwatering dishes inspired by their time in South East Asia. Flavour is the key here, and they’ve got it by the plateful.

Talking about the new menu, Niki had this to say:

“Georgia & I spent most of our time in South East Asia which was eye opening in a multitude of ways. There are a lot of extremities in those countries from wealth to poverty, from natural beauty to pollution. Not that anywhere is free of those ailments, but it has definitely given us more of a mission regarding how we deal with food in the future.”

Gem lettuce, peanut, chilli & a dozen herbs

“Whether it’s by force in time or a personal choice everyone is going to have to adopt less meat centric diets. I’ve done so for some time now but try to avoid the more junk food replicas you can find in some vegetarian cuisine. This was based on two Thai dishes named Laab and Som Tam. The dressing is ginger, garlic, rice vinegar, lime, and lemon grass. The creaminess is added with roast peanut oil and emulsified with aquafaba which makes the dish completely egg free/vegan. It’s then finished with chopped peanuts and herbs, eaten with your fingers.”

Strawberry, lilac wine & Szechuan peppercorn

“Everything I’ve done has worked on a minimal waste policy since I’ve made my own food. Refinement equals waste. I try never to cut or sculpt food for the sake of looking decent. This is a perfect example – an almond and Szechuan peppercorn tofu is at the base, lilac wine is cooked off, sweetened and thickened. The strawberries are sliced and placed according to their natural form.”

Salt & Earth is at 1000 Trades from 5th June, serving Monday – Saturday until 9pm, with some surprises along the way. Book a table in advance.