The last of the summer sunshine may be on the horizon, but we’ve got the perfect culinary remedy to say adios! to the post-holiday blues.

Birmingham-based Spanish outfit Amantia is bringing delicious fresh tapas to 1000 Trades for the month of September. Husband and wife duo Marta and Andrea head up the family affair, having uprooted from the charming, warm streets of Madrid to the equally-as-charming, not-so-warm streets of Birmingham back in 2004.

The continent’s loss is our gain, with Amantia offering homemade traditional and modern dishes inspired by the best of Mediterranean cuisine. There’s flavours aplenty with deep fried squid, stuffed red peppers, meatballs “Amantia”, and more delicious small plates making up the tapas menu.

Looking for something to sink your teeth into? The team are also serving up burgers “Spanish style”: homemade patties topped with a variety of delectable fillings. Try the mouth-watering beef and spicy chorizo burger with a pint of our best craft beer. You might need a siesta after.

Amantia is at 1000 Trades between throughout September, weekdays from 5pm, Fridays and Saturdays from midday (not including Sundays)

Checkout the full menu here.