At our neighbourhood bar and kitchen, 1000 Trades – in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter – we’re hosting local historian Ginny Caffrey who will tell the story of how Birmingham became ‘City of a Thousand Trades’.

Birmingham in the nineteenth century was a workshop full of small, highly skilled firms producing a huge range of wares. It was a magnet for enterprise from all over the world. Local historian Ginny Caffrey will be telling us the story of how this panoply of commerce shaped the trajectory of Britain’s industrial might and laid the foundations for the second city in the twentieth century and today, including its pivotal role in creating the Great Exhibition of 1851.

great exhibition

As ever, our walls will showcase local art across two floors, exhibiting contemporary ‘cityscapes’ produced by Birmingham photographer Ross Jukes.

This event forms part of a day of first birthday celebrations at 1000 Trades on June 17th.

Samuel M Levi

There will be a chance to see the 1000 Trades ‘hidden space’ on the second floor, an un-touched space that was last used as a jeweller’s workshop that the building was built for in the 1870s. We have exciting plans to turn this space in to a restaurant to complement and build upon the rest of what 1000 Trades has to offer.

Sign up for the talk here. It’s free to attend.