Salt & Earth is marking its first six months in our Frederick Street Kitchen with a refreshed menu for the winter months. We’re showcasing some of the new dishes that sit comfortably alongside the old favourites.

Formerly of legendary JQ culinary spot Two Cats Kitchen, Niki Astley and Georgia Radenschi have brought an ever-evolving menu of unique and mouthwatering small plates to our neighbourhood bar. Salt & Earth is delivering diners flavours and experiences that you truly won’t see anywhere else in Birmingham. Take a look at our last review of the menu.

🍴 Baby Gem, Miso Caesar, Brazil Nut Crumble

The baby gem was originally based on a canapé – but it seemed a novel way to serve salad – quartered, still in tact and able to eat with your fingers. The dressing is a miso caesar, the miso replacing the funkiness of parmesan or anchovy. The Brazil nut is ground into a crumble and dusted over to add to the texture.



🥕  Roast Carrots, Smoked Tofu & Sesame
The carrots are simply roasted with sesame oil, finished with smoked and whipped tofu, which gives it a little complexity. The sesame oil dressing brightens up the dish and gives it some richness.



🍗 Dried Fried Chicken, Lemon Curd & Sticky Soy
An old favourite, the fried chicken has been the only dish we served constantly since starting Salt & Earth. Boneless thigh, skin on, brined and floured.It does everything fried chicken should and more.



Salt & Earth is at 1000 Trades serving lunch and dinner Monday to Saturday. View the full winter menu here.