Soft, hard, jobs-first, cliff edge, no deal. It’s surprisingly hard to start an end of year review without mentioning the dreaded ‘B’ word.

Through the endless political fog of meaningful votes, well-meaning marches and meaningless cabinet resignations you’d be surprised to actually find any other story in the news. Long forgotten are the chants of ‘It’s coming home’ and the blindingly hot summer that forced a nation outdoors, a much-speculated Channel 4 move to Brum that all went a bit John Snow at Glastonbury, and that endless inbox-consuming glut of emails from GDPR enthused data managers (no, we still don’t get it either).

It’s clear that over the last 12 months we may have finally tipped the scales and reached peak Bre-… you know the rest. So for your sake, and ours, we’ll stick to another B word that we don’t mind hearing repeated over and over: Birmingham. Or, more specifically, our little slice of the Jewellery Quarter on Frederick Street.

Last year we cemented our spot in the illustrious JQ canon of places you really should visit. This year we shrugged off the terrible twos and powered through with all the swagger of a renewed England team facing a penalty shootout.

But please, don’t class it as an arrogance, because as always everything we do is inspired by people, the drifting artistes, creatives, drinkers, thinkers and more who make this place a home – and don’t forget the staff!

Speaking of people, the foodie stars must have aligned in 2018, when we welcomed Salt & Earth back to the kitchen. We bounced through the first half of the year with a little Spanish fling, flirted with full veganism, and had a Caribbean love affair over the summer holidays, but ultimately what this place needed was a stable marriage. Our culinary horoscopes came true, and Niki Astley and team moved in on a permanent basis to serve up what we think, nay what we are certain, is some of the best food this side of B1.

It goes without saying that at 1000 Trades once you’ve had a bellyfull, it’s time to get an earful. This year saw us zip through a mighty musical roster of talent, with pioneering live music and DJ sets from Birmingham’s best. And we’re not finished yet, no sir, because as is now tradition we’ll party to the AM with a night of incredible 80s on NYE.

After all that you’ll probably need a sit down or a stiff drink. For the former, we’ve partnered with the co-working platform Dispace, making 1000 Trades the place to make new connections and seize the opportunity to meet like-minded souls in the working world. For the latter, there’s been a fair bit of noise about our upstairs lodgers The Vanguard, as Sam Boulton has firmly planted his mead-coloured flag on the map, with a cocktail or two for good measure.

So, that’s yer lot folks. Last orders for 2018, get them in while you can. We’re truly, madly, deeply, thankful for everyone who has made this year another one to remember. Wishing you and yours the best for the next one.

Happy New Brexit – YEAR – We meant year. Sorry, we tried.