Before we opened The Trades a year ago, we decided our bar would stock a range of craft beers that would have something for everyone. Whether you’re a craft-enthusiast making your own brew at home with a penchant for a hoppy tipple, or you’re just intrigued by the idea of craft beer, we wanted to have something for you.

And, we think, we’ve stayed true to this.

Matt Cottom places the orders on what we stock at 1000 Trades. Here’s how he describes what our bar is all about:

“From one day to another, our barrels and our kegs change. We’re an independent bar and kitchen, which means we get to decide what comes through our taps and pumps and what gets served up in our kitchen – where we host monthly resident pop ups. We get to pick the exciting stuff.

“In the barthis means we have a revolving bar. On tap, through the pumps and in the fridge, at any given time, we have something to excite. From a great pale ale or Pilsner to the more adventurous concoctions, our ever-changing ‘revolving bar has a brew to cater for all tastes. When choosing what we’ll stock, we let you decide. Tell us what you want to see behind it and if we can, we’ll give it a try. That’s what we’re all about.” 

We don’t have a beer menu – our selection changes so often – so we can’t list it here. Better to just come and try what’s on cask or barrel today.