Habaneros, stalwarts of St Phillips Square and favourites of Colmore Row office workers and   Habvan3                                                beyond, are the latest outfit to take up the reins in the 1000 Trades kitchen.  Up an running since 2012, owners Ben Fisher and Carl O’Connor specialise in bringing ethical, healthy, fresh and quality Mexican street food to the people of Birmingham. As well as their city centre spot they’ve been hitting various food shows, festivals and street food events round the Midlands for the last year, wrapping & rolling the finest burritos for la gente (the people)!

Their 100Habvan10 Trades residency sees them dive into that moreish Mexican version of ‘tapas’, tacos, with sumptuous fillings conjured especially for the month, such as slow-cooked beef short rib with caramalised red onions, breadcrumbed sea bass with beer-battered avocado and mango salsa, and panko-coated eggplant with shredded lettuce sauce. Served up perfectly with homemade nachos, the ‘Armadillo’ or Mexican Scotch egg and dirty fries with a twist the boys will be catering to all tastes and appetites.

All of their food is prepared from fresh ingredients (no nasty preservatives or additives), ethically  sourced (where possible using local produce) and cooked fresh every day. Their meat is supplied from a local farm (19gales) who only use free range, and their sauces are homemade using chillis imported from Mexico, before a Brummie twist is  added to deliver some fantastic flavours.Habvan2

Get your kicks at Habanero Café!

  • Habanero Café will be touching down at 1000 Trades from Wednesday 7 June until Saturday 1 July. You can download their menu here.