Salt & Earth have been friends of our Frederick Street kitchen for some time, with last month marking their first of many as permanent residents at 1000 Trades.

Formerly of legendary JQ culinary spot Two Cats Kitchen, Niki Astley and Georgia Radenschi are bringing an ever-evolving menu of unique and mouthwatering small plates to our neighbourhood bar. Salt & Earth is delivering diners flavours and experiences that you truly won’t see anywhere else in Birmingham.

Talking about what makes a menu, Niki said:

“We’ve decided to take what we’ve learned are successful dishes and adapt our format to fit a wider clientele. We’re creating small plates that are delicious, familiar and exotic at the same time.”

🌽 Whole corn, mayonnaise, parmesan and chilli
This is served in the Mexican style (Elotes) with dried chillies, mayonnaise & cheese. The corn itself does all the work here, like the best produce always should. We leave the husk on even if it’s a little clumsy just to showcase freshness & rougness, far removed from the insipid crap you usually get standing in as sweetcorn.

🐄 Beef rump cap, prawn XO, fennel crumble
My favourite cut of beef is the rump cap or picanha as it’s known in Brazil. I only started using it at the beginning of the year. It’s got a huge delicious streak of fat, something beef usually lacks and, because of that, lots of flavour. We serve it with  something like an XO sauce, made from the heads of the prawns we have elsewhere on the menu – a principle I’ve tried to adhere to for sometime: minimal waste and optimum useage of by products.

🍉 Melon and mooli salad, Thai style broth
We use piel de sapo, or frog, melon and mooli. The liquor is pretty standard Thai flavour – fish sauce, palm sugar, lime, chillies & garlic. It’s split with coriander oil – most herbs we use get turned into oils as the fresh product tends to suffer too quickly, and becomes an expensive wastage. Necccesity is the mother of invention.

Salt & Earth is at 1000 Trades serving lunch and dinner Monday to Saturday. Book a table in advance.