From the face behind Kebabylon, we bring you Masdings – think handmade organic patties, served medium-rare and oozing with flavour. Talking our latest kitchen residency man of the moment Simon Masding dropped in for a chat about all things you can put between a bun.

Q: Hey Simon, thanks for taking the time to speak to us. In forty-eight words exactly give us the lowdown on Masdings.

A: Masdings is an organic approach to a classic staple, with toppings that people will want to talk about. I enjoy re-vamping classic dishes, much like my organic kebab street food project with a similar approach. At it’s heart is a good burger, handmade and with quality flavours. 

Q: Wow, remarkably spot on. Why do you look so familiar?

A: I launched KEBABYLON here twelve months ago! Since then it’s been easy to fall in love with 1000 Trades, from the ever-changing beer lines, to the exciting kitchen residences, and retro DJs.

Q: Please, we’re blushing. Go on then, give us a sneak peek of the flavours on offer with the kitchen residency this month.

A: I’ve added some of the most exciting flavours discovered on my travels. One is spicy pickled pineapple, which I had on a pizza at a craft beer festival in Bristol. I instantly fell for it and now I always have a jar in my kitchen to add to dishes or just snack on! I’ve put it with maple syrup candied bacon and homemade smoked chipotle mayo.

Q: We can’t wait to try it. Let’s talk your patty game: What’s a-cookin’ through December?

Everyone loves falafel, and I’m always looking out for veggies out there. My own Lebanese crushed falafel burger, with guacamole, hummus, and zesty salsa might be enough to convert the most devout meat-eaters. For those who can’t resist, “Flock off!” is a moroccan infused lamb burger. It has to be organic, and is topped with ras el hanout coleslaw, roast red peppers, and mint yoghurt.

Q: Any parting words before we lock you in the kitchen for a month?

A: Everything is homemade… what’s the point otherwise?

Check out the full menu here.

Masdings is at 1000 Trades through December serving midday-9.30pm Monday-Saturday (evening only 27 and 28 November), except Mondays 11 and 18 December (The Vegan Grindhouse)