Kebabylon, one of the hottest new street food traders in the region, are taking over for two weeks at 1000 Trades from 5th to the 18th September.

The new concept, brainchild of street food chef Simon Masding, follows on from the acclaimed Salt and Earth takeover in August. It will offer a range of ‘fusion’ Lebanese flatbread kebabs, using free range chicken and fresh, locally-sourced Mediterranean  veg  to create a menu that takes inspiration from around the world.

Together with mouthwatering fruity salads, and healthy, colourful side options, he aims to bring a new take on a dish more commonly associated in the UK with one too many lagers and a late night cab ride.

Simon, a street food trader with a number of other concepts under his belt, describes the Kebabylon as ‘radically different’ from most people’s experience of the post-pub staple:

“Kebabs get a bad rap, but bad puns aside, I saw an opportunity to do something with a dish that is ripe for re-invention, both in terms of the product itself but also the context in which it’s enjoyed. It’s taken me two years to get to the point where I’m happy with everything and I’m really looking forward to rolling it out at 1000 Trades.”

John Stapleton, co-founder of 1000 Trades said:

“One of the main drivers behind 1000 Trades is to identify and give a platform to up and coming talent. What Simon is doing certainly ticks all the boxes and we look forward to hosting him.”