Regulars at 1000 Trades will know that we host kitchen residencies. I Choose Birmingham recently described us as ‘a kitchen and a setting for some of Birmingham’s most exciting food purveyors’. As we head into August, we promise not to disappoint with our next offering.

Introducing Ox and Origin.

Ox and Origin_Frying

Ox and Origin is made of private chefs Josh and Mike. They’ve honed their skills working in restaurants in both London and the Midlands and bring classic flavours and techniques with a modern twist.

Using only the best ingredients available to them, they will be creating a selection of small plates described as ‘culture clash’.

This will be a multitude of flavours and textures to excite the palate, using inspiration from various food cultures.

Some examples of the dishes include: 

Barbecued pork belly, spring roll, peanut sauce

Beef tartare, whipped beef fat, pickles

Strawberries, pistachio curd, white chocolate.

Dishes will be priced between £3 and £10

Josh and Mike take up their residency from Monday 31st July (except Sundays, when our roast menu remains on), serving Monday-Saturday evenings and Friday and Saturday all day, until and including August 12th.

See the full menu: ox and origin culture clash_menu.