The latest of 1000 Trades’ kitchen residencies sees up and coming street food trader Reena Mistry take the reins from 31 October to 5 November.

With a mission to open minds and mouths to tasty, homemade vegetarian street food, The Indian Lunchbox is all about fresh ingredients and years of experience passed down the family. Many of the dishes they serve are traditionally sold on the streets in India, filling the air with divine spices and aromas.

Their signature dish is the Double Roti burger – a soft bread bun filled with potato curry, chevdo (like Bombay mix), chopped onions, peanuts and a chilli coriander chutney. Other highlights include Bhel, a dish made with puffed rice, potato, chickpea and a tangy tamarind sauce, and Pav Bhaji, a delicious mixed vegetable curry. But if what you really need is an onion bhaji, fear not, The Indian Lunchbox have it covered. The aim is to satisfy the appetites and taste buds even of meat lovers, whilst many dishes are also suitable for vegans.

aloo-tikki-burger-the-indian-lunchbox bhel-the-indian-lunchbox mother-and-daughter-the-indian-lunchbox pav-bhaji-the-indian-lunchbox

Established in May 2016, it’s very much a family affair:

“I decided to start The Indian Lunchbox because of my love for the traditional Indian vegetarian food my Mum made for me when growing up in London”, says Reena. She added: ”That knowledge and passion for food has been passed down to me and I can’t wait to bring it to 1000 Trades. Watch out for a celebrity guest appearance in the kitchen by my mum on Friday and Saturday!”

The offer will be perfectly complemented by a tap takeover from The Indian Brewery, one of the more recent entrants to Birmingham’s nascent craft brewing scene, who will be laying on a selection of their crisp and refreshing craft ales, together with one of the first outings on draft anywhere for their flagship Birmingham Lager (if it’s ready in time!).

  • The Indian Lunchbox will be at 1000 Trades from Monday 31 October to Saturday 5 November, serving 5-10pm Monday-Friday, and 1-10pm Saturday. Chilli Dog Dogs will be returning from another holiday in Butlin’s on Monday 7 November.