At our neighbourhood bar and kitchen, 1000 Trades – in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter – as part of a day of celebrations to mark our first birthday, we’re hosting drinks specialist Crushed & Cube‘s Katie Rouse and a natural wine pop-up with Sam Olive 
Katie Rouse on what she’s got lined up: 
“We’ll be serving up a new brand vermouth and a white wine with natural juniper extract. 
Vermood and Junique are Greek Muscat based products (fortified wines) from Patras, a ‘Vermouth’ and an ‘Aromatised Wine’ 
We’ll be serving these as Spritz’s and On the Rocks to showcase the Castro Distilleries new complex products. 
 Crushed and Cubed
1000 Trades has been a supporter of natural wine since our inception and our ‘bag-in-a-box’ selection has gone down well with punters. A one-off pop up will see a cornucopia of sumptuous natural wines from some of the best small, independent producers to try, selected by Wine Freedom‘s Sam Olive who will be on hand to guide people through his range of biodynamic and  organic wines all made with as little chemical intervention as possible.  
sam-04205 copy
There will also be a chance to see the 1000 Trades ‘hidden space’ on the second floor, an untouched space that was last used as a jeweller’s workshop that the building was built for in the 1870s. We have exciting plans to turn this space in to a restaurant to complement and build upon the rest of what 1000 Trades has to offer.