Sacrebleu! It’s a new month and a new year, and with it comes a new kitchen residency to banish those January blues. We’re talking the finest Lashford sausage creations turned into exquisite crowd-pleasers via the creative hand of Simon Masding. Bienvenue, Chien Lunatique.

Does the name sound familiar? It should. You’ll know Simon from December’s peerless gourmet burger experience Masdings that nested down at 1000 Trades throughout the festive month. But we’re not letting him go all Blue Peter tortoise on us to hibernate for the rest of the winter weeks. Non monsieur!

Heading up the menu of Chien Lunatique – that’s ‘mad dog’ for the less worldly among us – is The Spring Ginger, made with spring onion and ground ginger and served with a garnish of fresh sprigs and sundried tomato and red pepper chutney. A true Brummie creation, curry your flavour to The Balti, a powerful sausage with Balti spice accompanied by tzatiki, onions and poppadum bits.

There are seven – yes, SEVEN – more unique offerings to see you through the month, so you really can take a bite out of Chien Lunatique‘s buns every day of the week. Veggie and vegan friendly options are available, as well as gluten free. Pair any dog with handcut skin-on fries, beetroot slaw and beans with a twist to go full banger blowout.

Bon appetit.

Chien Lunatique is at 1000 Trades through January serving all day until 9.30pm Monday-Saturday.

Check out the full menu here.