It’s hotting up in Costa-del-Brum, and our latest kitchen residency is bringing the flavours of the summer to Frederick Street. BluMagic takes our kitchen spot through July, headed up by Birmingham’s Matthew Knight.

Q: Hey Matthew! Welcome to the JQ. Take us back to when BluMagic was founded.

A: The inspiration for BluMagic came three years ago while visiting family in Jamaica. While I was there I was always dining out with family, eating the most incredible West Indian food. My taste buds were going crazy with the flavours, and that’s when it all started for me. Since then my goal has been to put a twist on Caribbean food, bring my own interpretation and style to every plate.

Q: You’re really taking it back to the roots. Where does the name come in to the story?

A: Looking around and seeing people laughing and joking, enjoying themselves while eating amazing food was the key. It made me want to bring that magic into peoples lives. That’s when the name BluMagic was born: “Blue skies and magical food”.

Q: This is your first time in our Frederick Street kitchen, maybe even the whole of the Jewellery Quarter. Tell us a little bit more about your culinary background.

A: Since starting three years ago I’ve had pop-up restaurants across the country. I’ve had the pleasure of doing festivals for the past two years in Oxford, Bristol, Nottingham and many more. I’ve also catered at the Queen’s Tennis Club in London, and cooked for Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay.

Q: That’s a foodie CV and a half! What are some of your favourite dishes?

A: I’m always looking to give a street-food vibe to top quality dishes. It’s all about infusing flavours from around the world into Caribbean Food. Really pushing the boundaries to take you to a different place. That being said, my stuffed pulled pork dumplings are to die for and the jerk glaze is crazy. Out of all of the dishes? It’s got to be the stuffed double chocolate dumplings. Even after three years my mouth stills waters when I say the words!

BluMagic is at 1000 Trades through July, serving up small and large plates with plenty of meat and dairy-free options. See the full menu here. Serving all day Monday to Saturday.