Take a cursory glance around the walls of our neighbourhood bar and you’ll see that they’re always alive thanks to a revolving gallery of talented local artists. For this month’s ‘Schooner with…’ we poured a glass with Georgia Radenschi, one of the current crop to grace our brickwork, to talk about her artistic talents.

Q: Hi Georgia, thanks for coming for a chat. It’s our round. What are you drinking?

A: Hey, thanks to you for your time. A beautiful glass of red would be fine, and can we move next to the fireplace?

Q: Of course, of course. It’s looking rather cosy over there. Now – big spoiler – you’re already a familiar face to us, right?

A: Yes! I used to be the restaurant manager at Two Cats Kitchen. Most people in 1000 Trades will recognise me from the kitchen here. Me and my fiancee Niki Astley created Salt & Earth together last September and since then we’ve been serving delicious food to the masses.

Q: We always like to ask about where our community of drinkers and dreamers is from, so are you a native Brummie or an adopted one?

A: I’m not British, I actually moved to the UK about three and a half years ago. I was born in Romania and I came here looking for new opportunities. My country is amazing, and I love it more than anything, but here in the UK I fell in love with the people. I find that people are very open minded.

Q: That’s brilliant. Now we’re here to talk about some of these beautiful paintings hung on the walls of 1000 Trades. Tell us some more about how long you’ve been of the creative persuasion.

A: I’ve painted all my life, but I used to focus on pencil drawing. I always saw art as a getaway from the real world. Only in the last couple of years I found using a colour palette more attractive. Everything I’ve learned has been self-taught, there are no rules in painting. I also have a diploma in political sciences and I’m currently working on a second diploma in business.

Q: There’s a lot of depth here. Can you point to any particular influences in your work?

A: I don’t really have a specific influence, usually I have a technique or a colour in mind that I want to work with as a starting point. What I paint is abstract, so a lot of the time the whole idea is to put myself and my feelings into colours on a piece of canvas.

Q: And how has the response been from our patrons?

A: The response has been really great. Not a lot of people buy art, it’s a very personal thing, but it makes me happy to see customers that drop in only for a coffee and have a peek at the art around them. I love the idea of having art for sale in a place that’s not an art gallery. Customers always get more than what they came in for!

Q: It’s probably wrong of us to ask an artist this, but it’s our feature and we’ll do what we want to. Do you have a favourite piece amongst your own collection?

A: I actually don’t have a favourite piece to be honest! I love all my paintings equally. They all express different feelings and emotions and will be perceived in different ways by each viewer. I think my job as an artist is to bring out things that can not be seen, but I will let everyone else decide what they see in their own eye.

Q: We thought that question might have been a step too far. Answer accepted. This last one we ask every time. We’ve talked to brewers, designers, producers, managers, chefs, photographers, DJs – you name it. But if you could pick one trade, besides what you do now, what would it be?

A: Really?! I think I already picked too many trades. I do painting, sewing, I have a creative food company with my partner, and I study as well. That’s enough for now. The best part? Knowing and trying to find out which one of these trades will take us into the future.

Catch Georgia’s paintings dotted around our walls while you sip on a pint of our finest. If any take your fancy, or you’d like to have a chat to the artist herself, pop your head into the kitchen and say hello.