“Not another one!” – And with those three words, Brenda from Bristol earned her place in the quotable canon of 2017.

In a year that seemed awash with somuchnews it seemed Brenda hadn’t only summed up the mood of a nation on the eve of its third national poll in the same number of years. Like some zeitgeisty West Country time traveller, she’d already got a handle on the relentless onslaught of this-could-only-happen-in-2017 news stories that would define the year so well we’ve actually forgotten most of them ever made the headlines.

There’s been one thing to cut through the noise, one oasis of calm in an ever-changing world, and we’re sat right here on Frederick Street, B1.

Last year we tentatively tip-toed into a new year six months into this new adventure. But twelve months on and with the backing of the same incredible people that make this place great, we gambol into a new year with a confidence – n.b. not an arrogance – that with the support of the JQ community we’ll go from strength to strength.

The food. Please can we talk about the food. Forget the last fortnight being the time of the year for indulgence, try the last year, as our revolving-door kitchen has been blessed with the best from Birmingham and beyond. From deliciously vegan to gloriously high end, Mexicana to foodie-frenzy, posh burgers, seafood and everything in between, as we’ve waved goodbye to gourmet with one hand we’ve ushered in the unimpeachable with another – and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

And when the kitchen closes, we know how to throw a party. Pigeonhole, Spaghetti Funktion, and NowHam are part of a stable of nights that put us on the map of any Brum music aficionado worth his or her salt. Birmingham Jazz has brought us the smooth instrumental vibes to ease us into the weekend. Oh, and there was that little, nay massive, get together to celebrate our first birthday.

But really, everything, always, comes back to the people and the community that throws its arms around this place with the fervour of a Boxing Day relative on sherry number six. The endless listings, full to the brim with creatives, musicians, centre forwards, forward-thinkers, wine-drinkers, designers, makers, really all those who have chosen to make our corner of the Jewellery Quarter home, never fails to amaze. Along with our first-rate staff, this year was yours as much as ours.

The future? Well, you might have guessed, it’s bright. We’ll shortly be welcoming The Vanguard in our upstairs space, and as long as we keep the creeping developer-led shoeboxification of the JQ at bay, we’ll keep on doing what we do best between these four walls. Amongst the worldwide collective step in dog mess that was 2017, that’s surely something to celebrate? Here’s to the next one.

Say goodbye, naff off or screw you to 2017 and think about what you’ve done with a special edition of our monthly credible 80s jolly. More on our NYE NewHam special here.