Crafting creative wares, drinking while you make – that’s the essence of a Crafty Sip session. The monthly designer-makering club returns in October for round two. We caught up with the creative brains behind the crafting, Deborette Clarke, to talk all things Crafty Sip.

Q: Deborette, thanks for chatting to us. Let’s take it way back to the beginning. What’s your story?

A: My background is in creative education, having taught as an Art and Design Technology teacher for sixteen years in secondary education. I consider myself a life long learner who is passionate about creative education.

Q: Creative pedigree by the satchel-full. How about solo designer-makering?

A: I’ve been making on and off ever since i left design school! But have been developing B18 Leather for around two and a half years. It’s a small leather goods brand based in the JQ.

Q: You’ve named your monthly creative sessions Crafty Sip. Tell us, what is the Crafty Sip experience?

A: Crafty Sip is a socialable monthly crafting session. You get to experience making small leather goods and other crafts whilst sipping a drink at your own pace. The intention is you enjoy the company of your friends, make, socialise, meet new people and walk away with crafted goods at the end of the session.

Q: We should really have guessed by the name! What is the inspiration behind the idea of the monthly making project?

A: The DIY bar in Portland, Oregon, USA – it offers creative projects that you make following instructions. Most projects are combined with a drink, and you are encouraged to make with your mates. The ethos fits in well with the Jewellery Quarter.

Q: Here’s the question we ask all our community members: Why 1000 Trades?

A: Like most modern connections, it all started with a tweet. I’d suggested running a crafting session at the bar and they responded. It’s the perfect place for it. I jumped at the chance, researched the DIY bar model, loved it, and then we thought we’d give it a go.

Q: For those thinking of signing up, what can they expect from October’s crafting session?

A: Expect a really informal, friendly environment. I’ll introduce what you’re making, explain the drinks, then you chose tools, shapes, colours and start your craft masterpiece. I’ll be on hand offering guidance should you need it. You’ll be stamping your very own silver pendant – initials, name, date, its up to you – and making a leather bi-fold credit card case.

Let the crafting commence on Sunday 8th October! Crafty Sip sessions cost £35 and are open to adults of all skill levels. To sign up or for more information, head over to Deborette’s website here.