Dust off the deckchairs! It’s our summer party 2018.

– Ironically traditional pub games (escape the windowless leisure centre) (all day)

– Get yourself printed in 3D. Your own ‘mini-me’ created by Walsall creative start up Get Cloned, using the latest scanning and 3D printing technology (2-6pm)

– Wonky Wine with Sam Olive (Wine Freedom). Come and experience some of the more leftfield offerings from the man behind our natural wines (3-7.30pm)

– Live jazz courtesy of 1000 Trades favourite Chris Young and some of our multi-talented bar staff (5-6.30pm)

– Disco spectacular good times in the PM courtesy of your host Danielle Moore of Crazy P fame, rocking a DJ set after the band’s stormer at Mosely Jazz last year. Supported by the irrepressible Samantha Bagg (SKAM/ Supercute) (8pm-2am)

And don’t forget The Vanguard:

– Mead tasting. Not tried it yet? Imagine what beer was before beer and you’re getting there. Strong, sweet and medieval (like my men)
– Selected drinks £5

Full events details at the link. We’ll see you there.