Ever wanted to get creative with art and technology, while collaborating with top media and research experts? Maker Monday has all those bases covered, and then some. We spoke to self-styled ‘creative action man’ Tim Wilson, who spearheads the monthly collaborative event, in advance of its return next week.

Q: Hey Tim, thanks for joining us. The first one’s an easy one: What is Maker Monday?

A: Maker Monday is a monthly event organised by the institute for Creative Innovation at Birmingham City University that brings the city’s businesses, technologists and creatives together for an evening of fun, food, creativity and inspiration.

Q: Sounds like a melting pot of the the best in the creative and tech industries. So how did this melting pot get cooking?

A: It all began in 2015 as a result of a Birmingham City University project to get together with some of the city’s leading creative organisations to build new products, opportunities and business ideas. In two years the event has become a monthly fixture blending great speakers, workshops and demonstrations.

Q: Something for everyone then. How many Maker Mondays has there been?

A: Well over 20!

Q: It’s on the verge of becoming a Birmingham institution! Can you give us a taste of some of the past events?

A: We’ve had great speakers who are champions in their field such as Sam Aaron, the creator of Sonic Pi or Creative Technologist Dan Hett, right through to hands-on events such as our Lego special with Coventry University’s Disruptive Media Learning Lab. The aim is to inspire, entertain and encourage anyone with an idea the space for collaboration and development. This links into our STEAMhouse project which supports the development of new products and concepts.

Q: Here’s one simply for self-referential flattery: Why 1000 Trades?

A: It’s a friendly, inclusive and relaxed venue with a fantastic upstairs space. Oh and did we mention the food and drink is brilliant too?

Q: Compliments graciously accepted. Now down to business, what can attendees expect from your designer maker special next week?

A: You’ll hear from four of Birmingham’s leading designer makers who will share their insights on their craft, bring examples of their work and also shed light on how much digital technology is impacting on their business too.

We’re ready to make, and if you are too then get down to 1000 Trades on Monday 25th September at 5.30pm. It’s a free event, including food and drink, but please register here to let the organisers know you’re coming.