Celebrated Birmingham eatery El Borracho de Oro returns this month after last year’s stunning debut. We’ve handed the keys to the kitchen over to Birmingham’s hardest working restaurateur (discuss), Emma-Louise Yufera.

Q: Emma, we’re well excited to welcome you back to the kitchen during March. For those who missed you last year, tell us more about your fantastico Spanish Tapas experience.

A: El Borracho de Oro, or El B as I like to call it, is an authentic Spanish Tapas restaurant and Arrozeria (note: it means rice specialist, we looked it up). We’re based on Harborne Road in Edgbaston and recently won ‘Best Spanish Restaurant in the West Midlands’. It’s my fourth restaurant in total, but first alone. 

I’m madly passionate about everything Spanish: langauge, food, culture, you name it. For me it’s all about presenting authentic food. I’m not trying to do modern spanish, fusion or reinvent anything, it is just authenticity and flavour!

Q: We’re already drooling. So we’ve seen you around these here parts before, but what about the rest of Brum?

A: I’ve been at the Independent Birmingham festival a couple of times. I’ve also done a few outside catering events, and even a couple of weddings! In fact we’re doing a wedding in March.

Q: The perfect plug! Thinking of proposing? Get on the phone to Emma. Are we right in thinking there’s some new additions to the menu for 2018?

A: Yes! There will be a few old favourites, but also some new items since last year. I’m bringing a delicious ‘Butifarra Blanca’, a white sausage from Northern Spain grilled and served with a corriander and garlic dressing. There’s also a White Asparragus Salad with a Valencia Almond garnish. Not forgetting the incredible Spanish-style toasted sandwiches we’re serving throughout the week for lunch.

Q: Lunch and dinner sorted, then. Talk to us about the sweet Spanish flavours served up through March.

A: I’ve had a lot of inspiration, but most of it comes from my travels, seeing how other people cook, trying to use best quality ingredients and do little to them so that freshness and authenticity can shine.

Expect to see a lot of Garlic! Fresh, raw, roasted – all ways. Paprika features heavily too and lots of herbs. There will be vegan, veggie and gluten free options as well as chorizo, Spanish black pudding, fresh seafood and egg dishes.

Q: Okay, so we’ve got to ask. If you had to pick two estupendo dishes from the menu, what would be on the table?

I cant pick – I love them all. Anyway, the general rule I abide by with tapas is at least five or six between two people, so why stop at two!? The bravas potatoes are always a big seller but I challenge our guests to be more adventurous. Try the aubergine, the chicken liver, butifarra and smoked black pudding tortilla too.

Q: Any final thoughts before we send out the Spanish expedition?

A: I love the Jewellery Quarter and I just can’t wait to be back. One day I dream of having a little restaurant or bar here, so this is me dipping my toe into the pool once more. I hope we get the same amazing support as last year.

Without a doubt, Emma. Little Borracho is at 1000 Trades through March, serving Monday – Saturday until 9pm. Don’t forget the delicious toasted sandwiches for lunch. See here for the full menu and to book!