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UPCOMING // August

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FRIDAY 2 AUGUST 1000 Trades Presents: Down Tempo Disco 6pm–12am New regular night (first Friday of the month) bringing you the sweetest disco edits and soul cut-ups, brought to you by the inimitable Simon Tricklebank and Dan Farrell. Free. See Facebook events page for...
Mezze Quarter spins into 1000 Trades

Buy Zolpidem Reddit

From the bustling souks of the Middle East to the quiet sun spots along the Greek coast, via North Africa and the Balkans – destination: Jewellery Quarter. In August we’re getting very mezze, with a menu inspired by the multi-course long lunches and dinners known...

Buy Xanax Pills Online

Slow Food Hub Jewellery Quarter @ 1000 Trades Your Farm Shop in the City A food hub is a sustainable ‘click and collect’ online farmer’s market exclusively for locally-produced food and it’s coming to 1000 Trades. Every week great fresh seasonal...
Sabroso Loco lands at 1000 Trades

Cheap Xanax

We don’t do pub quizzes. But if we did, one question might be: where does the word taco actually come from? Short of digging out an old Encyclopaedia Brittanica (come on, it’s 2019) we headed straight to the next best reliable source of information,...
Soul Food pop-up this weekend

Buy Adipex Usa

Squint hard enough, and you might just clock that slither of sunshine peeking through the cloud. It seems after a truly arduous dose of classic British Summer Time, Vitamin D may be back in fashion. And just in time, because this weekend the carnival that is the JQ...