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UPCOMING // February

Buy Discount Phentermine Online

FRIDAY 1 FEBRUARY Birmingham Jazz Presents: Jam Experiment 7.45pm Jam Experiment are an award-winning band that are based in London. Jazzwisemagazine chose them as the ‘Shape of Jazz to Come in 2018’. Formed in 2014, they have appeared on BBC Radio 3, and Jazz FM...
UPCOMING // January

Buy Zolpidem Reddit

TUESDAY 8 JANUARY Birmingham Entrepreneurs Meetup 6.30–9.30pm Monthly opportunity to meet fellow entrepreneurs at different stages of business. Try out a new business idea in a safe and constructive environment. Free. Register via...
A Schooner with… Sam Boulton

Buy Xanax Pills Online

It’s been a whirlwind year for Sam Boulton at The Vanguard. Early last year he opened as the UK’s first Cocktail Bar and Meadery on a mission to serve up drinks that excite the tastebuds of Birmingham. Perched at the very top of our Frederick Street home, Sam and team...
A Schooner with… the annual

Cheap Xanax

Since we first opened our doors back in 2016, we’ve always said that 1000 Trades is all about the neighbourhood. Musicians, artists, DJs, designers, makers, comedians, born and bred Brummies, nomadic out-of-owners, ale-mad enthusiasts and that chap who strolls in just...