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Book now – Christmas at 1000 Trades

Buy Discount Phentermine Online

Complete the common festive phrase: All I want for Christmas is… If you guessed ‘you’ – bad luck, because everyone knows the answer is really ‘food’. Yes, we know that we’ve got a fair bit of time before now and the big day, but have you ever tried to plan the...
What makes a menu… Salt & Earth

Buy Zolpidem Reddit

Salt & Earth have been friends of our Frederick Street kitchen for some time, with last month marking their first of many as permanent residents at 1000 Trades. Formerly of legendary JQ culinary spot Two Cats Kitchen, Niki Astley and Georgia Radenschi are bringing...
A Schooner with… Kirstie Smith

Buy Xanax Pills Online

It’s the people that make this place, we’ve always said it. One of our faves is social media and digital marketing consultant Kirstie Smith, who dropped in for a chat over a glass of rose about new night Social Circle. Q: Hi Kirstie, how are things? Let’s start with a...
UPCOMING // September

Cheap Xanax

SATURDAY 1 SEPTEMBER 1000 Trades Presents: Flo Lacy 8pm–12am Having appeared at Womad festival earlier this year, Birmingham-based DJ and producer Flo Lacy spins a class selection of soul-tinged house and disco for your Saturday night pleasure. Free. MONDAY 3 –...