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Menu for Change – Slow Food kitchen takeover

Buy Discount Phentermine Online

Zero waste with incredible taste. Slow Food Birmingham is taking over 1000 Trades to mark international Zero Waste Week from the 3rd to 8th September. A special week of menus arrives on Frederick Street, with members and supporters of Slow Food treating diners and...
A Schooner with… Phil Rose

Buy Zolpidem Reddit

Pay a visit to Frederick Street on a Friday evening and the chances are the smooth sounds of Birmingham Jazz will be drifting out of our upstairs window. This month we sat down with the top dog Phil Rose to talk the upcoming season. Q: Afternoon Phil, thanks for...
UPCOMING // August

Buy Xanax Pills Online

THURSDAY 2 AUGUST 1000 Trades Networking Club hosted by Ian Gardner 4.30–6.30pm Mingle with your neighbours and like-minded business people. All welcome. Free.  Register via Eventbrite Girl Code: Women in Power 7–8.30pm Girl Code is about creating a space for women to...
Salt & Earth makes 1000 Trades home

Cheap Xanax

Roll out the red carpet. Renowned Birmingham chef and Frederick Street fave Niki Astley is moving in permanently to our kitchen – and we couldn’t be happier. For time immemorial Niki Astley and Georgiana Radenschi have been driving the foodies of Brum into...
BluMagic brings a caribbean twist to 1000 Trades

Buy Adipex Usa

It’s hotting up in Costa-del-Brum, and our latest kitchen residency is bringing the flavours of the summer to Frederick Street. BluMagic takes our kitchen spot through July, headed up by Birmingham’s Matthew Knight. Q: Hey Matthew! Welcome to the JQ. Take us back to...

Generic Ambien 74

TUESDAY 3 JULY Birmingham Amateur Brewers (BAB) 7–9pm Whether you’re a seasoned brewer or have never set eyes on a grain of malt, this is an informal monthly meet-up for people to share their skills, knowledge – and beer! Free. More details and this...

Order Msj Valium

They’ll always hit you and hurt you Defend and attack Memory One: Jumpers for goalposts, beans for tea. Football and food. Ron Manager, The Fast Show. No one can believe it was 20 years ago. Or explain what we have done with our lives since. But football matches...
Music Venue Trust backs 1000 Trades

Buy Genuine Valium

The deadline for comments on the latest plans submitted by developer Seven Capital for Albion Court on Frederick Street has passed.  Thanks to all our patrons, drinkers, friends, community members, and more for submitting your comments about these plans. We’ve...

Buy Adipex-P 37.5Mg Tablets

Society – according to my favourite line from Burke – is a partnership between past, present and future. Only anarchists, nihilists and teenagers think the past holds no lessons. Only the under imaginative and the overly privileged think it cannot be improved upon. We...